A Xaela woman with dark hair and bronze armor looking contemplative in Buscarron's

Dalii the Adventurer

As Warrior of Light, Dalii's fascination with the natural world was the first manifestation of her Echo. As an ordinary Xaela traveler to post-Calamity Eorzea, it happened because you don't need the blessing of a giant glowy rock to realize that there is infinity in a patch of lichen. Her backstory as her tribe's beloved problem child is identical, but she is a lancer, botanist, and culinarian only. She came to Eorzea with little understanding beyond what is generally known--that Gridania is attuned to nature, that Ul'dah is a mercantile hub, Limsa Lominsa is full of pirates, and Ishgard doesn't like anyone, especially people who look like dragons. After a year or two here, she's since come to grips with the good points and bad points of Eorzea's city-states. While she can still be somewhat naive to Eorzean ways, she's good at landing on her feet. (I'm completely open to playing both WoL flavor and Adventurer flavor Dalii, but WoL!Dalii is definitely marked by. All the things that happen.)



  • Feckless: You won't believe how happy she was when Ywain told her that recklessly plunging into danger was required to be a good lancer. She doesn't look before she leaps (from heights that are occasionally too high), she offends people without consideration to long-term consequences, and she'll go lance-first into bad, dangerous places... and she might drag you with her.

  • Argumentative: Her curiosity can easily turn into nosiness and prying. And she's so used to people at home getting mad at her that her instinct is to push a disagreement further and further until it becomes a fight. She'll throw down if she feels mad enough. And she doesn't think enough about the fact that while she doesn't hold grudges, other people do.

  • Grubby: She doesn't care about being grubby. She enjoys activities that have the side-effect of getting her more grubby. And she doesn't understand why some people might have an objection to that kind of thing.
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