Disciple of War and Magic

Lancer/Dragoon (main)

Dalii standing straight as a Dragoon Dalii already had some amateur experience with pointed sticks on the Steppe, it being a good way to fend off Nature when it got hungry. Desiring to improve her skills both for her own continued survival and to bring new abilities to the tribe, she signed on to train at the Lancers' Guild in Gridania.

With the conclusion of her guild training leaving a sour taste in her mouth, Dalii was only too happy to go to Coerthas and investigate what was going on with this Estinien fellow... whereupon she gained a whole new set of problems and also, a soulstone. Dalii has since reached the conclusion that years of training in a martial art that requires intense focus and relentless force tends to infect a person's general thinking, which is probably why dragoons as a bunch seem to be single-minded, huburistic ding-dongs. But that's the kind of thing that keeps life interesting, so she can't say she regrets choosing the path of the lancer.


Dalii walking forward, katana at the ready Dalii's first actual encounter with a samurai was with Iroha, an amnesiac sojourner from another world. Dalii assisted Iroha in her quest to recover her memories through mastery of Amatsu: Kyori. Dalii admired her fighting style and was touched that she reminded Iroha of her "master" in Vana'diel.

When Master Musosai arrived in Ul'dah to challenge any worthy foe, Dalii answered, wishing to understand the school of fighting that Iroha had displayed. She soon became attached to the old man and his insistence on seeking out evildoers and bringing them to justice, for no reason but that he could. She feels a special responsibility when she wears a katana on her belt, keen-eyed for anything unjust, and unwilling to take any action that would disappoint him.


Dalii standing ready with grimoire and Emerald Carbuncle Initially, Dalii was happy to be the Scions' primary spearwalloper while leaving the overall work of strategy and organization to the others. After the debacle with the Crystal Braves, Dalii's opinion changed. In light of the fact that mere accounting had apparently done more damage to the Scions than the Garleans had, Dalii felt she could no longer abdicate responsibility for the logistical matters. (Not to mention that with exactly three Scions left, they didn't have much fallback. Tataru needs to sleep sometime.)

She hied herself hence to the combination wizard's tower and import licenser in Limsa, hoping to arm herself with a solid knowledge of mathematics and finances should anyone try to dupe her and her friends with numbers again. Not to mention getting an adorable set of carbuncle buddies into the bargain.

Dark Knight

Dalii brandishing her greatsword Dalii encountered Fray at a stage of her life where she was feeling a set of deeply mixed and turbulent emotions, and anger was no small part of her mood. The idea that she take her fury and craft it into a blade to defend others against betrayal and injustice was consequently... appealing.

That said, she really hopes that Count Fortemps never finds out that she went rampaging right into the headquarters of the inquisitorial knights with an ambiguously-alive avenger while wreathed in the power of black flames.

Disciple of the Land and Hand


Dalii prepares to harvest from a tree The Botanists' guild was the other thing that drew Dalii to Gridania. The habits of plants are as much a matter of interest to her as those of animals. Knowing what can create medicine, what woods are best for weaponcrafting, and all the resources that are there in your average stand of trees is honestly amazing to her. She likes the botanists, and she likes Guildmaster Fufucha's desire to use their knowledge to aid people rather than for military purposes.

She's still not sure why people will buy a sack of live tarantulas from her retainers, but as long as the money is good she isn't about to question it.


Dalii sauteeing something As a woman who lives on the road, Dalii appreciates a good square meal, and with a bag full of animal meat and collected plant materials, she decided to deal with the crunch by learning how to cook them. This didn't solve her inventory problems at all, but at least she can contemplate them on a full stomach.


Redolent Rose asked her if she was ready to suffer and she's suffering. why is it so fiddly. why does she need to sew ingots into clothes.