Dalii Yagaan's collection of living things

The manifestation of Dalii's Echo became apparent as a fascination with all living things, be they animal, plant, fungus. And they in turn recognized this affinity towards life, making them--if not tame--loyal and attached to her.

Rounded orange couerl kitten with a bell on its collar Short gobboue with a big mouth and stumpy legs Dalii piloting a magitek armor
Couerl kitten Gobboue Sproutling Maggie
Dalii is aware that her brave little kitten will one day be a huge ferocious beast with electric whiskers, but she knows he'll still love her. Dalii keeps it around while botanizing. She loves its dumb little butt and the way it waves its fists around while it runs back and forth eating bugs. Dalii's skepticism about casually imbuing Imperial magitek armor with sentience evaporated the instant she realized Maggie was looking at her.
Dalii stroking an armored chocobo's neck A tiny, angry-looking purple flan creature Top: glowing Emerald Carbuncle. Bottom: glowing Topaz Carbuncle
Dandelion Bite-sized Jelly Carbuncles
Dandelion has been Dalii's companion through many battles. He's her steadfast and beautiful chocobo friend. Her favored companion in Dravania, where she would patiently feed it sugar cubes while waiting for Estinien and Ysayle to finish their latest round of bickering. They told her that carbuncles are mathematically-constructed collections of aether made tangible rather than living things, but she doesn't believe that for a second.
Dalii flying a black chocobo in snowy Cencral Coerthas A kitty with a winged green vest flies about
Damson Gaelikitten
A black chocobo gifted to her by Haurchefant Greystone. She calls her Damson, and she's flown her around Coerthas, Dravania, and many other places. Dalii makes sure to take special care of her. She found the gaelikitten in the floating lands of Dravania and began feeding it. It wasn't long before it joined the ranks of her tiny living companions. Very affectionate, but it does have a habit of getting the midair zoomies indoors.